Can I use TS4 in an off-grid system? (i.e. with a charge controller)


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    Newt Loken

    What size battery would you suggest we use as a back up to the CCA.  Imagine if it was 12 volt and your Off Grid house system was running a 48 volt system.  Therefore, if during winter conditions and a 'low voltage disconnect (cut out) happened, the battery would take over for a period of time.  It might be a day or two until it was powered back up.  The 12v battery would be charged by a trickle charger plugged into the 'home grid'.  Transmitter at 1 amp x 24 hours is 24 Ah bat for one day...  so perhaps a 50 - 100 Ah battery..?  In case there was a delay in getting the 48 volt system back up on to trickle charge the 12v back up battery...  otherwise, with out the RS receivers closed and pv power flowing, the 48v system can't charge without a generator input.. (or a jump start!).

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

    Thanks ~ Newt


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