Monitoring Features & Pricing

Tigo offers a Freemium version of its software services. The feature matrix at the bottom describes what features are free and which are premium or paid-for. There are no requirements for “free” level of monitoring other than the purchase of the Tigo hardware (Smart Modules or retrofit) and a connection to the Internet. 






Reports: Automated emails or SMS messages showing system production (daily
and/or monthly).

“Free” Data Granularity: The free version includes 1-minute data granularity for an
entire month, then drops to month-level granularity for an entire year, and then
drops to year-level granularity for dates outside of that range. As an example on
April 9, 2014 I can see back to March 1 with day-level granularity, January 1, 2013
with month-level granularity, and the entire history of the system as annual totals.

Premium Data Granularity: Shows 1-minute data granularity for the full history of
the system.

Safety Alerts: Automated alerts (email or SMS) that includes all safety-related
notifications, ie. PV-safe activation, system shutdown, over-voltage.

Performance Alerts: Automated alerts (email or SMS) e.g. low string or module production.

Dashboard: This is the fleet management tool that is usually the first page you
see when you log in to the software. This includes the Google Maps integration,
the fleet-level statistics, environmental impact analysis etc.

Device Integration: Support for 3rd party hardware like AC meters, inverters etc.

Performance Analytics: Compare module-to-module, string-to-string or inverter-to-inverter in bar chart or line graphs.

Trending Data Charts: Observe system performance over time, from the module
level to the entire system level.

Ability to download: Export data directly to a .csv document.

API: Access to our API to pull data directly into third party software.



Free: The free version is free, it only requires an Internet connection for the Tigo

Management Unit or Cloud Connect.

Premium: The cost for Premium monitoring is:

≤35 modules = $20/year

≥36 modules = $0.56/module/year

Discounts for long term subscriptions of 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year (5%, 10%, 15% respectively).

Premium monitoring can be previewed for a free one-month trial.


How to Buy?

Customers buy the upgrades online on the summary screen of their project. Simply click the “Premium” tab (in green):




And you'll be prompted to the following page, which allows you to select the number of years and payment method. Both credit card and PayPal are valid options.




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