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  • How to Access System Owner Account
  • Once an installer completes the commissioning process for a system, they are responsible for granting the homeowner access. They do this by adding the System Owner to the System, which generates an... See more
  • What is Reclaimed Power and Reclaimed Energy? 
  •   Reclaimed Power or Reclaimed Energy is the measurement of any extra power or energy production that was harvested from a panel, string, or system due to Tigo's optimization. It basically shows yo... See more
  • Introduction to Tigo Accounts
  • Contents:  Introduction to Tigo Accounts User Levels Access to Tigo Systems   Introduction to Tigo Accounts Whether you are an owner of a Tigo monitoring system (TS4 or EI Residential), or an In... See more
  • Account Verification
  • First Time Users Whether you are the owner of a new Tigo MLPE data system (TS4), or an (EI) Energy Intelligence Residential Inverter/Battery System, all data-producing systems include an online res... See more