Cloud Connect/MMU Menu Reference

For software version 2.7.6 and above:

1. Status

1.1. Modules

1.1.1. Signal – View the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) of each module in the array, measured between 0-255. RSSI should be 80 or above for good communication. Below 60 may mean that additional Gateways are needed.

1.1.2. Voltage – View DC voltage of each module in the array, measured in Volts.

1.1.3. Power – View DC power of each module in the array, measured in Watts.

Note that the Signal, Voltage, and Power views under Status > Modules represent a snapshot from when the time the Enter button was pressed.

1.2. Date / Time – Time and date of the CC/MMU. Time zone can be configured online through the summary page, under Admin > Site Details.

1.3. Unit ID – View the unique MAC ID of the CC/MMU

1.4. Version – View the current software version of the CC/MMU

1.5. Config – Tigo internal use only.

2. Control

2.1. Discovery – Initiate the discovery process, where the CC/MMU scans for all the modules allocated to it. Necessary when commissioning your system.

2.2. Modules ON – Turns modules back ON after pushing the PV-Safe button.

2.3. Push Data – Upload all recently collected and stored data to the Tigo server immediately.

2.4. Restart – Restart the unit.

2.5. Gateway Test – Test connectivity to the Gateway.

2.6. Replace GW - Update Gateway serial number(s) in configuration.

2.7. H/W Test - Tigo internal use only.

3. Network

3.1. Display IP – Display the CC/MMU local IP address.

3.2. Test – Perform a network test and confirm connection to Tigo web server. The network test performs multiple steps and provides status information in the LCD window. Consult the Network Troubleshooting Guide for additional information.

3.3. Configure – Configure advanced Internet settings.

3.3.1. Wired - Configure wired (Ethernet) network connection. IP address will be set automatically (dynamic IP, DHCP) or manually (static IP).

3.3.2. Wireless - Configure Wi-Fi network connection (Cloud Connect only.)

3.3.3. Clear - Clear stored network settings.

3.4. Set Proxy – Configure proxy server settings, if a proxy is used to connect to the Internet.

3.5. Renew – Disconnect and reconnect CC/MMU to the Internet automatically.



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