Modeling the expected energy harvest from your Smart Module is an important step in justifying the economics of a solar system. The benefits of Tigo’s technology can be modeled into several different simulation tools, each with their own unique benefits.

  • Aurora Solar
  • Aurora Solar is a Solar Design Software company that includes Tigo products (EI Residential equipment, smart modules, and the TS4 Flex MLPE) in their presentation. Their software is the first model... See more
  • HelioScope
  • HelioScope is based on module-level calculations, which makes it the perfect tool for calculating the behavior of Smart Modules and systems retrofitted with Tigo optimizers. Plus, it enables scenar... See more
  • PVWatts
  • PVWatts is built and maintained by the National Renewable Energy Labs. The tool can be found here: PVWatts was created before Smart Module... See more
  • [GUIDE] Modeling Tigo in PVsyst
  •   PVsyst is a globally recognized PV module simulation/modeling software that is used for all types of solar installations (residential, industrial, & utility). As a modeling tool, it takes into co... See more