MySolarSystem Part III. The Tigo Solution


Solar energy is an abundant resource, but mismatch limits our ability to harness it. Inverters are constantly chasing unpredictable panel MPP's, leading to inefficient energy production. Strings are limited by shade, and many rooves prevent panels from being placed in their optimal alignment to the sun. Fortunately, Tigo has developed a product suite of cutting-edge solar optimizers, also known as MLPE's, (Module Level Power Electronics) as well as a suite of monitoring tools that address these problems and make solar energy a viable future for all.

The Tigo Advantages

Tigo Energy's technology has distinct advantages that make it a scalable and efficient option for addressing mismatch.

  1. Predictive IV and Impedance Matching - each panel operates at its maximum power point independent of other panels
  2. Selective Deployment - Tigo technology can be deployed as needed, reducing BoS costs
  3. Modularity - Tigo electronics are swappable and upgradable, eliminating the need to replace an entire module when a single diode fails

Below are the details of these advantages.

Predictive IV and Impedance Matching

Tigo’s latest TS4 optimizer platform utilizes what is called Predictive IV (PIV, patent pending). This technology makes panels smart - every panel learns how obstructions like clouds and trees move across the sun's path on a year-round basis, so that every single panel operates as efficiently as possible, 365 days a year. 

Additionally, when a panel is mismatched due to something like shade, a current tunnel is opened so that panels that are producing less power don't drag down their string-mates' production. This is analogous to a technology that opens extra freeway lanes around accidents to prevent traffic jams. This applies not only to shade, but also mismatch caused by heat, soiling, and other sources.

Selective Deployment

Tigo's TS4 optimization technology works independently of the inverters in a solar system, and every panel can be optimized as needed. This means that if a tree's shadow falls on one corner of your roof, you won't have to purchase equipment for every panel on your roof, but only for the panels that get shaded, This makes the entire solar installation as cost-effective as possible over its entire life-cycle.


Suppose you deploy a solar system, and everything runs fine for a few years. As time passes, that tree that first shaded only one corner of your house grows taller, and covers another solar panel on your roof. This costs you energy and additional payments on your electric bill. With Tigo's TS4 platform, you can purchase another optimizer for the panel that needs optimization, when it needs optimization, even if your installation was installed years before. No need to buy another panel, no need to chop that tree down - Tigo saves you time, energy, and money every step of the way towards solar power production.

Here's a short video about Tigo's technology that sums up the features and advantages of what we build.

On behalf of all of us here at Tigo Energy, welcome you to the family! If you have questions, comments, or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.

Let's Make Solar Happen.


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