Inverter Compliance


Smart Modules as well as retrofit optimizers are designed to work with any inverter that exists in the market, at the time of manufacturing. Tigo’s technology is the only available solution that has received written notification of compliance with all of the major inverter manufacturers. These declarations of compliance highlight the compatibility of Tigo’s technology with their inverter topologies and that their standard warranties are valid when used with Tigo’s Smart Module or optimizer solutions.

Tigo solutions are now successfully operating with over two thousand (2000) different types of inverters from over eighty (80) different suppliers. These inverters range from small residential to large utility, covering a widespread geography including: Antarctica, Australia, Japan, China, South America, North America, Europe, Middle East and more. 

To view or download the compliance letters from leading inverter manufacturers, visit the downloads section of by clicking here: Inverter Compliance Letters.

Or click here to read our latest inverter compliance press release.

For NEC 2014 AFCI compliance, click here.


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