Updated MODBUS supported devices list?



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    Gary Hethcoat Community Moderator
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    Hi Jesse,

    The best way to do this is with the Tigo Energy Intelligence mobile app.  We have a whole section of our Help Center devoted to How to Monitor non-Tigo Equipment including Inverters, Meters & Sensors.  Of particular interest for your question is the section "Optional Devices via Modbus RTU - RS-485" section of the article "How-To: Setup and Monitor Modbus Connected Devices including Inverters, Meters & Sensors".  There you will find step-by-step instructions on how to add monitoring for known devices.  If your device is not in the list in the mobile app, then it will need to be added.  You can contact Tigo Tech Support to get that done.  The same applies to inverters also.

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    Karel Krebs

    Do you have some documentation of Modbus? I need read only values from Tigo and add it to Home Assistent db

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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Karel Krebs

    My sincere apologies for the extremely late response. Our Spam-Catcher grabbed your response, for some reason and we just found it. 

    In case you have not found the answer to your question: Tigo offers Modbus Integration, to import data from other devices onto your Tigo Portal (represented on both the App and Online accounts). However, Tigo does not offer Modbus exporting. The proprietary data is transferred via network connection to a cloud-source and cannot be diverted from that connection. My apologies if this causes any inconveniences.

    However, once the data has reached the Tigo Cloud, you may opt to import data from your online account, to another app (via API). Here's more information about Tigo's API and Modbus Setup(s).