Green, Black,Grey



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    Gary Hethcoat

    Hi Sandeep,

    On the "System View", green panels mean they are producing power, brighter green = more power, darker green = less power.  Black panels mean no power production.  We are getting data for the black panels, but there is no current flow.  Voltage in this case is probably normal.  Gray panels mean no data.  They may be producing power, we are just not getting data.  No data has many causes.  Interruption of internet service and poor communication between TS4 and TAP are two of the most common causes.

    The yellow bar is the color code for the Tigo Optimizers - TS4-A-O.  Our Safety product, TS4-A-S, is a red bar.

    For interpreting the CCA LED, see "Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) - LED status information" in our Help Center.