TAP communication protocol



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    Hello Juergen, 

    Thank you for your interesting question. 

    Unfortunately, Tigo does not offer any modbus/communication information for the TAPs at this time. The only way to pull data would be to set up an API connection through your account. If you'd like to do this, the information can be found in our article: 

    In the meantime, I will forward your request to our engineers for consideration on new Tigo product (in the future). Thanks for your interest!

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    Alan Harlow

    Hi Juergen,

    I was thinking of something on similar lines myself. I have yet to have my system installed, it is part of a group purchase scheme, but is spec'd with panels and Tigo Optimizers, but the suppliers are yet to confirm if it will include a TAP, a CCA and the monitoring.

    I have tried to find out how to keep the monitoring local and perhaps eventually incorporate it into an Emon Pi setup, but there doesn't appear to be any solid information available on any forums. My only thinking now seems to be first, confirm if the coms coming out of the TAP is indeed Modbus. If so, you could connect the TAP to a serial port on a PC (or serial to USB converter) and use something like the freeware CAS Modbus Scanner software to see if you can extract the panel data which is sitting in Modbus registers in the TAP. Then some code needs to be written to convert this data into feeds/inputs for a Emon Hub running on an Emon Pi.

    Sounds like a lot of work which probably explains why nobody has bothered!

    Does any of this make any sense to you as I am not too sure I understand it myself!



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    Hello Alan, 

    Thank you for participating in Tigo Community!

    I do not know if what you are describing is possible, but it's worth going through the pros and cons:

    • Data coming from the TAPs may not be in a modbus-friendly format 
    • Disconnecting TAP from CCA would cease the multi-level data interpretation that Tigo provides online
    • Disconnecting TAP from CCA would cease any Rapid Shut Down (RSD) response (important for NEC regulations (U.S.A))
    • Disconnecting a System from the cloud/network will affect Tigo's ability to properly diagnose system performance issues
    • Blind Deployment may disqualify the system from Warranty Coverage

    I have created a ticket for your question, and our Sales/Training engineers will reply more information regarding this unique question. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience. 

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    Gary Hethcoat

    Hi Juergen and Alan.  The communication protocol between the TAP and CCA is proprietary.  The first response from Curtis says it all.

    Gary Hethcoat, Sales Engineer, Tigo Energy