Tigo maximiser shows 0 output on individual panels



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    Greg Smith Community Moderator Tigo Employee

    Hi TB,

    Riso, or Isolation resistance, faults indicate an issue on the DC side of the inverter, specifically, a leakage of current to ground which causes the resistance of the DC wiring to go down. The Riso check, performed by the PV inverter, is made every morning or whenever it is restarted. Humid or rainy weather does seem to increase the Riso faults when compared to other times of the year, however, it does not mean you should target the Tigo product. Riso faults occur with or without module level devices. A good indicator of moisture is if the fault goes away in the afternoon after the moisture has evaporated.

    The module connectors, junction box connections, pinched wires, or bad installation work can cause a Riso fault. They can occur on the first day of installation or years later. There is potentially dangerous electricity on and around the array so Riso troubleshooting must only be performed by a professional.