Installing TS4 sideways



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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Hi Mark, first of all, I love the old school ASCII drawing! Our installation manuals and marketing materials do not overtly state alternative mounting methods and always show them at the top of the module so that the interconnections always look smooth. However, you can mount them on the sides of the module at a 90-degree angle. This definitely helps with certain module j-box layouts.

    Never install the TS4 on the bottom of the module with the gland seals facing upwards!


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    Mark Madlangbayan

    Hi Greg, 

    LOL with the ACSII drawing.. :)

    That's good to know that I can mount it sidewards, just make sure to never mount it where the seals are facing upwards.



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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Mark, 

    Please be aware that side-mounting an MLPE requires that it is mounted high enough on the frame, to make sure that the wires are all facing downwards.

    If the wires run upwards, it can encourage moisture to follow the wires down to the gland seals:

    Repetitive water depositing can contribute to rubber rot on the gland seals. This may shorten the lifespan of the unit and possibly affect it's eligibility for warranty replacement in the future.

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    Mark Madlangbayan

    Thank you Curtis for this!  I will make sure that the wires are facing down.




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