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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Lasse Markfoged

    Thank you for your question, and your Community Contribution. 

    Tigo's EI Residential Battery Storage solution incorporates passive cooling technology (transfer of heat controlled by convection). There are mechanical noise issues to be aware of. However, the inverter will hum a bit during startup, so having an indoor mounted system can be audible in the mornings.

    As a side note: Heat dissipation requires a 12" clearance for safety. 

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    Lasse Markfoged

    Hi Curtis 

    Thanks for the prompt reply :) I am just considering where to place my battery regards to noise. Ok, so there is no internal fans in the battery pack that will turn on only passive convection? or where does the mechanical noise comes from in the battery pack? Do you have any db measurements? 

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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
    Early Adopter

    Lasse, where are you planning on installing the battery that you are concerned with noise? Have you had a bad experience with another battery system?


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