Is Growatt MOD 11KTL3-X compatable with TS4 Optimizers?


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    Olivia Barrow

    Hello Ernests,

    Thank you so much for your participation in the Tigo Community!

    We are delighted with people expanding their PV-plants to gain more solar harvest, driving the future of Energy with us!

    Back to your questions:

    1. Yes, your inverter is compatible with Tigo Optimizers. Although your specific model might not be updated in the official letter of compliance, which you find in our Download session dedicated to Certifications and Compliance, please bear in mind that our product is very flexible and compliant with almost all inverter technology that has at least 1MPPT. This is the direct link for the Growatt compatibility letter for your easy reference 601a46794762ac451e841b39_Growatt.pdf (

    2. You can add 4 optimizers and use selective deployment whenever a system is aligned with the Tigo Selective Deployment rules, check this article out for comparison TS4 Systems - Selective Deployment – Tigo Help Center ( In your case, you will have a mix and match of different types of panel, either than shaded panels and perhaps different orientations (to be evaluated), therefore a full deployment is needed. Please check this article out for additional information and to calculate your specific mismatch, it is important to follow the 25% mismatch rule Mix and Match Different PV Module Types – Tigo Help Center (

    3. The IsC value of your panel in STC standard specs is 12.34 A therefore the best choice is the TS4-A-O 700W model which supports up until 15A with an Input Voltage range between 16 and 80 V. This is the model broadly available on the market so you shouldn't have any issue finding it. Please compare your panel values with our Datasheet, I am sure all squares! Here is the link to our Download session for you Downloads & Documentation | Tigo Energy

    Lastly, let me suggest you to purchase the Tigo CCA kit for an advanced Tigo experience. Tigo EI will allow you to enjoy a well-rounded Tigo Service, see the behavior of the shadowing translated in power thanks to panel level monitoring!

    I hope you enjoy your Tigo experience and let us know if you might have any additional question for us!


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