Blank graphs in Tigo EI even after configuring all the system.



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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Hello Keshav Mohan. Here are the System View color codes for the EI Portal:

    Green: The module is producing power. Brighter green is more power, darker green is less.

    Black: The module is not producing any power. It is connected to the CCA but it is not reporting any current flow. 

    Gray: There is no data from that TS4. The module may be producing power but the production data is not making it to the EI Portal.  The two most common causes are an interruption of internet service and poor communication between TS4 and TAP.

    • The CCA should be mounted at ground level in a protective enclosure. This Help Center article explains the CCA LED patterns that can be used for troubleshooting. 
    • The TAP is installed on the roof under a model and will require an installer to troubleshoot.
    • Loose connections, improper wiring, or damaged wiring are common causes of no data transfer.

    Yellow bar: This is the color code on the bottom of the module that provides a visual cue for the TS4-A-O, Tigo's most advanced module level product that offers optimization, module level monitoring, and rapid shutdown. 

    Red bar: This bar represents the TS4-A-S, Tigo's Safety product that provides module level monitoring and rapid shutdown. 

    The TS4-A-F/-2F products will not show up on the EI Portal since they do not offer module level monitoring since they only provide a rapid shutdown solution.

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    Keshav Mohan

    Hi Greg Smith,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I have installed TS4-R-O and TS4-A-O for the PV array. 

    Would this in any way affect the CCA or TAP communication? or the PV array in any way.



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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Normally there won't be. But there are a few exceptions such as if the TS4-R-Os were of a version that didn't have access to the MESH communication protocol, instead of the normal Star configuration. In this case, the TS4-A-Os can be set to Star communication.

    This will need to be handled by our service team. I recommend creating a ticket by using the feature at the top of your screen. Include the system ID and a link to this conversation. However, if this still does not fix the communication issue then you will need to check the hardware mentioned in my previous reply. This should only be done by qualified personnel.


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    Tyrone Britton

    Hi Greg, picking up on Keshav's query, I've recently had an eight panel system installed with TSA4-A-0 and the installer cannot answer why I occasionally have alternating grey panels on the app. By this I mean that occasionally and randomly one of my panels will be grey for a day whilst adjacent panels will be green. The following day all panels will be green or a different panel might be grey.

    Any thoughts? 

    Note - due to a very complex roof 3 panels point E, 2 S and 3 W.

    Thank you, Tyrone.

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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Hey, Tyrone, thanks for jumping into this conversation! I am working on a long-overdue Help Center Article that addresses the EI Portal color codes for the PV modules. It looks like I need to step it up!

    Grey/Gray means the TS4's are not communicating with the CCA or TAP. The TS4's communicate wirelessly with the TAP and the TAP receives their information and is hardwire connected to the CCA. The most common cause for grey modules is poor CCA and TAP wiring connections. This requires rooftop work by qualified personnel since the TAP is installed underneath one of the modules.

    However, since you do have complex roof geometries the modules could be grey because they are not receiving the TAP signal. The TAP's wireless signal may not be hopping over the roof to the other 3 modules. In this case, installing another TAP on the other side of 3 modules, daisy-chained to the existing one, would solve that issue.

    Here is a link to the CCA TAP TS4-O/-S/-M Installation Manual. You can also open a service ticket at the top of your screen. Hope this helps!



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