Off-grid: can I use TS4-A-O and TS4-A-F together?



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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    I would like to add a bit more to Hugo's response. Although you can use the TS4-Os on your 2-module system without the CCA/TAP communication, there are some warranty implications.

    This blind deployment application reduces the 25-year warranty of the TS4-O, -S, and -M from 25 years to just 5 years. Our Help Center article talks about the different deployment methods and the implications of each. 

    Of course, the best solution would be to install the two modules in an area where they get full sun from 9 am to 3 pm but that isn't always possible. Just to add a little customer expectation management into the conversation, 2 two-module shaded array may not see a lot of benefit from optimization, particularly for an off-grid application that heavily relies on all sources of power. However, every project is a snowflake and some site analysis may prove that they would benefit.

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    Hugo Moreira

    Hi Kevin,

    Unfortunately, you can't mix TS4-A-O and TS4-A-F on the same project. An information that can help you is that you need internet for TAP+CCA commissioning, however, even without internet, the RSD keeps working.


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