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    Jaap Van der Veen

    Dear Sunny,

    Within my system, with 8 PV panels and 2 TS4 DUO optimizers I do not get any benefits of optimization. I have shadow moments in the morning and afternoon every day, but I do not get any Reclaimed Power listed in the monitoring app or the Smart Website. Also I cannot not see any difference within the power listing of the inverter with or without optimizer installed. The monitoring function seems to work fine, power is listed, but no optimizing could be discovered.... Do you have a suggestion for me?

    Jaap van der Veen, Netherlands

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    Greg Smith

    Hello Jaap,

    I see that a ticket was made and that one of our service agents has already started the troubleshooting. From a cursory glance of your system, it appears that the optimizer's serial numbers were not entered during commissioning. There are several solutions to correct this. Please check your email for Tigo Service Agent correspondence. 

    Thank you for posting this question in the Community!

    Greg Smith, Tigo Director of Training

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    Franco Lim

    Hi, This is a great way to quantify the benefit of optimized energy.

    May I know what are the principle of calculating these reclaimed energy? Based on input & output power etc?

    Is there any way I also can verify the reclaimed energy?


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    Greg Smith

    Hi Franco Lim!

    Here is a document that gets into a little detail about Tigo's proprietary reclaimed energy algorithm.

    Feature Summary (EMEA) Reclaimed Energy

    Verifying our reclaimed energy estimates would require daily module testing throughout the day using specialized test equipment. Our solution is much easier!


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