Sol-Ark 12K with the TS4-A-O + TAP



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    Gary Hethcoat Community Moderator
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    Hi Stephen,

    Rapid shutdown for the Tigo monitored products (TS4-A-O, TS4-A-S) is initiated by shutting off power to the Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA).  It's up to you how to do the wiring.  I understand that Sol-Ark does not support powering the CCA from the Sol-Ark directly.  Your best bet would likely be to use a rapid shutdown switch that would shut off power to the CCA and do whatever Sol-Ark recommends for their inverter.  One other option is the shut-off function on the AUX port of the CCA, see "How To Connect a switch to provide Manual PV Module Disconnect".  This leaves the CCA powered on during shutdown, which might be desirable depending on your installation.



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    Aleksandra Radchenko Community Moderator
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    Hello Stephen,

    Please note that a this time, the Sol-Ark-12k-P has only been UL certified with our RSS Transmitter, our TS4-A-F, and our TS4-A-2F, products. You can confirm this by visiting our UL PVRSS Inverters page, which can also be found on our main website under the resources tab.

    This list will tell you which inverters are compatible with which of our MLPE.

    Please let me know if any additional information or assistance would be helpful in the meantime.

    Wishing you sunny days,

    Aleks R. - Sales Engineer



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