Automatic scehduling of reports (.csv) files to the email on a daily basis


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    Dean Ting Community Moderator
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    Tigo premium account supports daily based production report, here is an article and a comparison for your reference.

      Features    Free   Premium
      Module-level data

      Energy (Wh)

      Power (W)

      Reclaimed Power (W)

      Energy (Wh)

      Power (W)

      Reclaimed Power (W)

      Voltage (V)

      Current (A)

      Module-level granularity   15-minutes   1-minute
      Production data history


      Granularity | Time
      Yearly | Since inception
      Monthly | Up to 2 years
      Daily | Up to 2 months
      15-minutes | Up to 2 weeks


      Granularity | Time

      15-minutes | Since inception

      Production reports   Monthly   Daily and Monthly
      Alerts via Email/SMS   Safety Alerts   Safety and Performance Alerts
      Charts   Basic   Basic and Advanced
      Downloadable data   ---


      API access   ---   Yes

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