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    Gary Nagaoka

    Hi Helen, I believe the lack of module data on the app is related to the infrastructure improvements running behind schedule. Hopefully, it will be fully functional soon! On the website portal, there is module monitoring under system view, however, as noted on the banner, data before February 17th is not yet available.
    I am also missing graph data for month and year, and my site photos I uploaded are missing.

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    Helen Lawrie

    OK thanks - I did look on the website portal but didn’t find the module view. I’ll look again.

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    Simon Gooding

    I’m getting no data on the app but is available online through a PC.
    Customers not happy with what’s going on and the lack of information promised prior to installation.

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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Helen Lawrie

    Thank you for your contribution to the Tigo Community!

    Tigo is in the midst of a renovation to create a higher-speed format with near real-time data for our cloud services. This process involves the migrations of tens of thousands of international users (many with up to 10 years or more of stored data). For this reason, the migration has been a bit slower than expected and some users have been experiencing data drop-outs. We assure you that any data stored on your CCA will be recovered.

    Thank you for your continuing patience with this process.


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