ASUS AX55 problem with Tigo CCA



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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Libor Valovič

    Thank you for your contribution to the Tigo Community. 

    There are some scenarios where a WiFi Network will not be recognized:

    • WiFi signal is distant or blocked by interference.
    • The Network SSID or WiFi name is hidden.
    • The WiFi broadcast is in 5GHz (Tigo products are in 2.4GHz)

    For more information on basic Network issues, please review our article on:
    Network 101 - Internet Access and Network Reliability

    If you experience further difficulties, please reach out to the Support Team. Our highly trained Engineers will be happy to assist.

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    Libor Valovič

    Ani jedna podmínka se mě netýká. Signál wifi je silný. CCA od routeru vzdálená 2m, SSID není skryto a mám 2,4 wifi.

    Jedno už jsem byl připojen. Poté se odpojilo CCA a wifi už nenajde.


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