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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello everyone

    We apologize for the recent technical issues.

    Tigo recognizes the importance of our Energy Intelligence portal holds for our customers, and we regret any disruption of services. Our teams have worked tirelessly over the weekend to make sure that we regain services in every time zone.

    The system appears to be functioning now, but some zones may still be experiencing slight delays on the System Layout page. If you are experiencing such delays or other issues, please let us know about it, by contacting Tigo Support.

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    Gary Nagaoka

    Bob, same here. The banner on the Tigo help page says the system has issues and they are working on it this weekend. It would be nice if they blasted a message out on any issues so we’re not wondering if it’s our side or theirs.

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    Manuel Kadanka

    So, even though I've only been using Tigo for a few days and the cloud services don't work even though I have Premium, I've read up on the past a bit. Unfortunately, it sounds like Tigo's maintenance statements are just talk, but nothing happens! Unfortunately, there is only this option because no software company in the world would write the same thing over and over again over this long period of time without something happening...

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    Rolf Hölzle

    NEVER   TOUCH   A   RUBNNING   SYSTEM.  New Software but no improvement. So go back to the old system.

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    Gary Nagaoka

    Yes, this outage could have been handled better! I believe Tigo will learn from this and improve. There are steps that companies take to minimize impact endusers and effectively manage these events:

    Identify the cause
    Communicate the status
    Restore the service
    Analyze the incident
    Implement the changes
    Report the results

    Hopefully, we’ll get a report on the root cause and what Tigo is doing to improve their performance.


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