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    Hi Bruce. This is the time of year when these questions come up. Looking at your area, and not providing too much info to protect your privacy, you had a lot of cloudy days over the last month. I know it doesn't get too cold in your area, but heaters place a large demand on solar. Did you get any large loads (appliances) over the holidays? This is also a common reason bills tend to go up even with a solar system.

    Energy usage aside, your system has been disconnected from our server since the end of December. This makes it hard for us to troubleshoot. This is typically caused by wiring between the communication equipment.

    Also, the system view from the Tigo EI App for your site shows your modules as grey. This is a dead giveaway that your system is not communicating with our server. Luckily, this does not affect production, only your ability to view the production.

    Please have your installer contact our Customer Success Team to help get your system back online.





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