TSM-250PA05.08 (250W) solar panel are they compatible with Tigo Cloud connect.



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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Nabil Tabet

    Thank you for your contribution to the Tigo Community!

    Were these Trina Smart Panels purchased used, or as New Old-Stock? I ask, because it has been several years since that product line was discontinued. 

    • Used / Re-sold - Any used panels are probably assigned to the previous system and would not function on a new CCA without help from Tigo Support. Once they are Re-Discovered on a new system, they may not be covered by Tigo's Limited Warranty, as they are a re-sold product. 

    • New Old-Stock -  Purchased old-stock smart panels are sold in the open (or voltage passing) position. If being installed on a structure, they must be Discovered with a CCA & TAP, in order to enable RSD (rapid shutdown). Once they have been discovered, RSD requires both a loss of signal, and of load (from the inverter) in order to enact the RSD command. 

    The new TS4-A-O optimizers are sold in the open (or voltage passing) position. They will remain this way until the unit has been Discovered. At that time, RSD requires the "Keep Alive" signal (only). If the signal is lost, then the unit will go into RSD mode.

    For more assistance, I strongly suggest contacting Tigo Support. A Tigo Engineer will be able to help you get the system up and running. 

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    Nabil Tabet

    all the solar panels are used, i tested before installation the open voltage and the OC  was acceptable. there was only 5% loss. still the system will deliver the KW intended.


    I have two types of used panels like i stated, Jinkos and Trinas. Trinas has built in Tigos and the make two strings 12 each and they are working.

    I bought TS4-A-O optimizers  for the Jinkos. and that particular string is not reading Zero voltage. I checked connections and panels they are fine.

    My helper who had 20 years experience in installation, disappeared on me with the equipment  LOL, luckily i had the panels and inverter with wiring installed.

    The last face of installation is the TAPs and the CCA with the enclosure. I'm not sure if i have to get the RSS.  i thought the TAPS discovers and send wirelesley the keeps aive signal so i don't need the RSS.

    My question  do i need the RSS if I have the Taps. also I thought the SolarArk inverter provide the  keep alive signal on each string and I assumed that's why the other two strings that has the used trina panels are working. 


    When you say "The new TS4-A-O optimizers are sold in the open (or voltage passing) position" Meaning Open circuit. which makes sense that they have to be discovered first by the TAPS which will provide the keep Alive signal from the AC circuit directly from the Electric Grid Panel.

    I will be calling Tigo support tomorrow also stellavolta.com they sell Tigo product and they have been super helpful and friendly!

    I really want to thank  for your  response i think i'm getting more comfortable with your product.

    Be safe

    respectfully nabil tabet

    267 4239861

    Abington PA







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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Nabil Tabet

    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, the Tigo TS4-A-O units are sold in the open position. This means there is no RSD (rapid shutdown) until the system Discovery has happened, and 100% of the panel voltage will be passing to the string. Important to know for safety during installation.

    The used Trina panels have already been Discovered on another system. This means that the Serial Numbers are still associated with that former system and need to be transferred to the new system. Please contact Tigo Support about this, as a Tigo Engineer will be able to help you get the Trina panels re-Discovered on your new system and they can even check the production to make sure they are still working as intended. 

    I have started a ticket with Support. An Engineer will be in contact, soon.


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