Goodwee DNS5000 and HK1000 communication issue


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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello James Brand

    Thank you for your contribution to the Tigo Community. 

    As Tigo is not the manufacturer for GoodWe products, we would not be the correct point of contact for the issue you are experiencing. Please submit a ticket with the GoodWe Support Team and they will assist you further. 

    Once you have corrected the issue, you can always import the GoodWe data stream to your Tigo portal, via a modbus wired connection to the CCA.

    For more information on this process, see:  
    How-To: Setup and Monitor Modbus Connected Devices (Inverters, Meters & Sensors)

    Tigo Support can help set up the import of the data stream and make this visible within your account.



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