How to configure a backup CCA and TAP for instant replacement?


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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Arend Lammertink

    In a good system build, there should be no reason to keep an extra CCA or TAP on hand, but I understand your concern. 

    If the CCA is installed somewhere safe (out of the elements), it should last for a very long time. Most of the early Tigo systems are nearing 20 years in activity and still functioning. The TAPs undergo rigorous thermal testing and can withstand great differences in temperature, moisture and pressure (if installed correctly). 

    With that being said, you may always purchase an extra if you think there will be known complications on site that could damage either product. There is no way to pre-determine the setup on a shelved CCA or TAP, as the process of changing them out is when the serial numbers are entered.

    For this reason, The Tigo Support Team is directly available to assist with any administrative steps in the change-out process. 


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