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    Curtis Community Moderator
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    Hello David Large

    I have reviewed your conversation with Tigo's Support Team, and it looks like they have identified the issue and will be providing a solution. Since this involves a building a software update and applying a roll-out, it may take a moment... We really appreciate your patience while this issue is corrected.

    For future questions of this nature, Tigo has a chart of LED signals and what they mean:

    Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) - LED status information

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    David Large

    Thank you for your reply, although I see you didn't actually answer my question. So I'll answer it myself, according to Tigo's LED Status Information, green is for all systems working fine, and solid red is for fault mode, either discovery failure or network connection problems, I have neither, as all tests pass in the EI app, therefore I assume that I should see a green light all the time the unit is on, all I have to do is wait a 'moment' for the update.


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