Split Aspect String East/South (Optimisers South Only)


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    Hello Ian Newbold,

    Thank you for your contribution to the Tigo Community!

    It sounds like you have a Partial Deployment that may not be optimal for your system design. Before discussing, please note that Tigo Optimization is effective against most shade scenarios, but it is not a fix for extreme PV Module orientation issues. 

    A Tigo TS4-A-O system can help to balance string current, IF:

    • The orientation difference is not extreme (east vs west).
    • There is a Full Deployment on the string (all units covered). 

    The idea is: If one portion of the string's output is reduced due to panel resistance (shading), the Optimization may help to keep the current high enough to not affect production on the opposing portion of string (that is receiving the most sun).

    For more information on this kind of design, check out this article:
    Designing your TS4 system for different tilts, angles, and orientation

    There are also a similar discussions happening on these Community Posts:

    I hope this helps out a bit. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact the Support Team.


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