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    Thorsten Von Eicken

    To answer my own question, the information I was looking for is captured in

    There is says (among other stuff) that all "our" data uploaded to Tigo's servers is owned by Tigo ("To the extent allowed by applicable law, all such data, including data that you provide to us in connection with the Service, will be, as soon as such data is stored in a Tigo datacenter, owned by Tigo.")

    It also says that Tigo can do anything it wants with the data, including selling it to 3rd parties, with no benefit to us ("extract, convert and otherwise use such data, including disclosing such data to third parties for Tigo’s business purposes")

    This is why I want to collect the data locally and not have to send it to Tigo.

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    Archie Roboostoff Community Moderator
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    Tigo does not provide an option to collect the data locally, and as such, it must be derived from our secure data centers in the cloud.  This data is not personal in nature and limited to solar system performance data only.  We do not share or sell the data we collect to third parties. The data is used by Tigo only to make a better and more usable system for our customers.  

    Tigo values its customers deeply and protects all collected data utilizing robust security measures. 


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