Frame mounted ts4 rail contact



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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Hi David, thank you for this question. Our TS4 mounting instructions call out module clearances but nothing about touching the frame. At no point should the TS4 touch the module since that will cause hotspots. The silver clips on the top of the TS4 can be removed, and the device can be directly bolted to the frame, so there shouldn't be an issue.

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    David Bayer

    I don't think I was clear - the clearance I am asking about is not between the frame of the PV module and the optimizer, but between the optimizer and the support rails of the roof mounting structure below the PV module (in this case a set of IronRidge XR10 ( It looks like the optimizer on its lower end will hang down just even with the PV module frame when clipped on, and since the PV module frame is clamped to the rails, when in short side vertical orientation (or long side sideways) the bottom of the optimizer appears that it will cross the supporting rail and therefore lay in contact with it. I am guessing that this is not an issue as I expect the installation manual would have called it out if it was but I wanted to confirm.

    I could also upload a drawing if that would help (and I can reduce the quality to make it fit under the 2mb limit).


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