Will HAM radio equipment interfere with the Tigo products?



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    Richard Factor

    I have a 4-el yagi about 40 feet over my solar roof installation and have never had a problem even while running 1kW on 40 through 10M with EMI TO the Tigos.  However, I have found that I'm getting low-level spurs every 50kHz FROM my solar equipment.  I believe it's more likely to be from the inverters than the Tigo units but have never tried to investigate since the spurs haven't been a problem.  

    Richard (WA2IKL) 

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    Tigo equipment meets all FCC standards for both residential and commercial RF emissions.

    With that being said, the typical amateur radio FM signal bandwidth varies from about 10 kHz to 15 kHz. Tigo technology uses 2.4Ghz for both it's PAN Rooftop communications, as well as it's WiFi networking.

    You should not see any interference with your Ham Radio usage, but we have no way to predict the interference sources at a given site due to variables such as the position and proximity of antennas, roof geometry, frequencies used, etc.


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