Connection "TIGO CCA" and converters "SOLAX X3HYBRIDG4" using RS485


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    Olivia Barrow

    Hello Michal,

    Welcome and thank you for your contribution in the Tigo Community!

    Sure you can connect to the CCA third party devices as Inverters, Weather Stations, Pyranometers, Revenue Grade Meters and monitor them in our system view on Tigo EI APP or webpage!

    In the Tigo EI Help Center web page, in the section dedicated to installation and commissioning you can find detailed instructions on how the RS485 connections and platform setup must be done to enjoy your complete system view through Modbus data communications protocol.

    Tigo supports both RTU and TCP data connections! 

    Here's the link to our thorough and very simple guide for your easy reference 

    In case you have any trouble at all, don't worry: our Support Team for Europe will be right there to help you!

    Whenever in need...please reach us through the webform ticketing service or directly by phone at the Contact Center!

    Here's our Contact Page from which you can reach us 

    Enjoy your harvest!


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