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    Josine Pentin

    Hello Robert.

    Yes, with the Premium Plan, the Tigo CCA collects data at a 1-minute granularity for the full history of the system. However, the updates are not real-time. The process of collecting data from the CCA and sending it to the Tigo Cloud (update rate) requires a time of up to 10-20 minutes per cycle. This batching process allows Tigo to send an ample sum of data to the cloud without sacrificing overall bandwidth for other network communications.

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    Robert Beedham

    Thanks you Josine. That's great and thanks for the reply.

    It's a great system I was just checking it is working as it should

    Thanks again for the advice.

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    Adolf Schnecker

    Hallo Robert, 

    TIGO stellt in der Premium-Version Daten mit einer Granularität von 1 Minute für den User zur Verfügung. Aufgrund eigener Erfahrung und Information vom Support werden Daten jedoch im Abstand von 5 Sekunden gesammelt! Das ist natürlich für die TIGO-Techniker gut, um eine präzise Fehleranalyse erstellen zu können.

    Den User aber davon nicht zu informieren, das ist für mich aber nicht o.k.

    Hello Robert,

    In the premium version, TIGO provides the user with data with a granularity of 1 minute. Based on our own experience and information from support, however, data is collected at intervals of 5 seconds! This is of course good for the TIGO technicians to be able to create a precise error analysis.

    But not informing the user about this is not o.k. for me.


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