Geräte Einrichtung bei 1String mit verschieden Module



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    Josine Pentin

    Hello Raik,

    Thank you for participating in our Tigo Community.

    1. It is recommended to specify your current PV model type, and then update the panel manufacturer in the Tigo EI portal when you make the change.

    To change your PV model type at a later time, follow these steps: 
    a. Sign into the Tigo EI Portal and select your system.
    b. Go to Edit > Layout.

    c. Use the arrow tool to select the PV module.
    d. Select the Edit Panel tool.

    e. Choose a new panel type and Save.


    2. Tigo's monitoring solution with the CCA is powerful! 
    Check out:
    Also, Tigo's limited warranty is extended from 5 to 25 years when the monitoring functionality is configured with the TAP, CCA, and connection to the Internet. For more information on the methods of deployment, see

    Let us know if you have any more questions!

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    Josine Pentin

    Hello, again Raik,

    My colleague brought to my attention that I may have misinterpreted the translation.

    Here's some additional information that may help with your request:

    1. As specified above, it is recommended to specify your current PV model type. When you are ready to add new PV Modules to your system, you can either add by string or change individual units. 

    If you are adding an entire string, it requires modification to the actual design of the system. Since you have an Installer Account, this should be easy for you to change. 
        1. Sign in to the Tigo EI Portal and select the system.
        2. Go to Edit > Equipment.
        3. Click the Edit button under Inverters, Strings & PV Modules.
        4. On the popup window, select Edit PV Modules.
        5. Click Add String button and input the information.
        6. Click Add button (bottom right) to save.
    If the Module manufacturer or model is not available in the list, simply scroll to the bottom and select +Add New PV Module, and enter the information from the PV Module Datasheet.

    If you are changing the individual PV model types, follow the steps in my first response.

    2. Regarding the monitoring of your system. Tigo’s TS4 Flex (with CCA) is a powerful module-level DC monitoring solution. However, inverter monitoring can be a great macroscopic tool for viewing AC and DC production. 

    Did you know that you can connect your existing inverter to the CCA? This will allow you to import the inverter production data and display it as a meter on your Tigo Portal System View! For more information on how to do this: How to Setup Modbus Connected Devices.

    Please let us know if that answers your questions and if you need any clarification.

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    Raik Hoffmann

    Hallo Josine,

    ich bekomme Fehlermeldung. Kannst Du bitte noch einmal unterstützen:)



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    Josine Pentin

    Hello Raik,

    That is not a common error. I have created a ticket for you with our Technical Support team. They will be reaching out to you soon to work on the resolution.

    Thank you for choosing Tigo and contributing to our community.


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