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    Hi Michael,

    You correctly understand the operation of the CCA/GW in response to a loss of AC power to those devices. The CCA, per Code, requires an initiator which is usually a disconnect or button on the same circuit as the inverter. If the inverter has an internal CCA (here is a list of Tigo Enhanced inverters with this feature) then the CCA will stop transmitting its keep-alive signal and the TS4 -O and -S will enter into rapid shutdown mode, stopping module voltage from passing through within the criteria for National Electric Code article 690.12.

    Once the initiator is turned back on then, the CCA/GW will sense AC power and start transmitting the keep-alive signal, and the TS4s will go back into normal operation allowing module voltage to pass through.

    Here is our list of Tigo Compatible inverters that work with our rapid shutdown solution but do not have the internal RSD components. Also, the Tigo Help Center has a ton of articles that explain the operation, design, and installation of our products.


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