Panel turns Blake zero output. Zero Current but full voltage . What that mean?


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    Enzo Francic

    Dear Maher,

    Thank you for contributing to the Tigo community!

    The color of the optimizer in our EI portal can have several meanings; as a rule of thumb, the lighter the color higher is the production on your PV module. We have an article providing an extensive description of the different colors: PV-Module Colors - What do they mean?

    A black-colored panel can indicate low incident irradiance on the PV panel, a potential wiring issue, or no load coming from the inverter. It would be helpful to analyze the past data from the EI portal: has this issue always occurred from the first day of installation? Can you find a specific moment in the past when this behavior started to occur?

    One of our support agents can help you find out the issue related to your system; for this reason, I have opened a ticket for you. 

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