TS4 Systems - Full Deployment



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    Mark Wilson

    Hi, having some issues with an installation and would like to know if the Togo’s operate with no AC voltage present from inverter or do the reduce voltage for safety reason? Thanks Mark

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    Hello Mark, 

    Thank you for your comment. 

    It sounds like you may have some specific design related questions, or issues with a unique setup. For this reason, I have opened up a Support Ticket, and you will be contacted, shortly. 

    In the meantime, please be aware that Tigo's Rapid Shut Down (RSD) response is based on communication with the System Management Device. If that communication fails, then the MLPE's go into a no-pass voltage state (at the PV module level).

    This means that the connection of the Inverter to an AC source does nothing to affect whether the Tigo's are able to pass voltage. However, if the inverter is off because it is disconnected with the AC Grid, then there is no load being placed on the system (all PV modules would be at full Voc, and there would be no current). 


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