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Welcome to My Solar System with Tigo 

This is a set of articles and resources designed to provide you an interesting introduction to the world of solar energy, as well as support with the technology that Tigo offers.

Here are two sets of articles:


First, a set of introductory articles about solar power  



The Basics of Solar Power Learn how a solar system with an inverter is rigged up and how these two components work together to deliver energy to your home.
The Problem with Solar Find out about mismatch, a pivotal issue plaguing the US home solar market
The Tigo Solution See how Tigo's technology solves the issue of mismatch


Second, a list of general reference materials to get familiar with your specific system components



Monitoring Tour Learn about the features of the Tigo monitoring portal, including charts and alerts.
Intro to Tigo Hardware See images and short descriptions of of the Tigo hardware.
Network Setup Guide A PDF guide to setup and troubleshooting network issues.
Commonly Used Terms A glossary of commonly used terms relating to PV modules and Tigo optimizers.

Feel free to click around and explore. As always, have fun!



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