Intro to Tigo Hardware

Item Image Description
TS4 The TS4 universal junction box platform is a new generation of smart module, offering different levels of functionality and electronics built into a removable junction box cover.
JES The first generation smart module junction box with integrated optimization and monitoring.
2ES   A retrofit optimizer that can be added to any module to provide optimization, safety, and monitoring.
Gateway Gateways are antennas that communicate wirelessly with smart modules and relay data to the Cloud Connect via an RS-485 communication cable.
Cloud Connect The Cloud Connect provides module-level data logging and safety capabilities for an array of smart modules. It also features built-in Wi-Fi and can be commissioned using a free smartphone app for iOS or Android devices.



Below is a diagram illustrating how the various Tigo hardware components connect and integrate in a system:



For systems using TS4-O and/or TS4-L modules, Gateways and Cloud Connects are required only if monitoring and/or module level shut down is desired.

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