Commercial Design Guidelines with TS4

TS4 enables modularity and selective deployment using cutting edge technologies such as Predictive IV in both residential and non residential systems.

Use the design guidelines in this article for any system that has two (2) or more strings connected in parallel, i.e. more than a single string per inverter or MPPT channel.

General Guidelines


Place anywhere:


TS4-D: Diodes


TS4-M: Monitoring


Place on all modules on the same MPPT:

TS4-S: Safety


TS4-O: Optimization


TS4-L: Long Strings

To enable monitoring and/or safety capabilities, also deploy our communication accessories, the Cloud Connect - a system controller and data-logger, and the Gateway - its antenna. Click here for placement guide and quantities.

For optimization and/or longer strings alone, no communication accessories are needed!

Equipment Selection Flow Chart 

Follow this chart in order to determine which equipment is needed for your next project:



Click here to determine how many communication accessories (Cloud Connect and Gateway) are required.

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