Residential Design Guidelines with TS4


Interactive Design Guide

This interactive presentation will take you through the design guidelines with TS4 for residential systems. For best resolution, view in full screen mode by pressing the "full screen" icon on the bottom right corner, or download the attachment below. 



Alternatively, see instructions:


Step 1: Identify your needs

Is Rapid Shutdown required? (learn more about NEC 690.12)
Yes   No
TS4-S (Safety)   TS4-M (Monitoring) 
  • NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant
  • Module-level deactivation
  • Automatic or manual shutdown
  • Plus all the benefits of monitoring
  • Enhanced O&M, fleet monitoring
  • PV-2.0 data synchronization
  • 3rd party devices & CRM integration
  • Warranty tracking 
    TS4-D (Diodes)
  • Lowest cost
  • Standard modules with TS4 base
  • Compatible with selective deployment
  • Upgradeable at any time


Step 2: Identify shaded areas

Equipped with revolutionary Predictive IV for selective deployment of optimization
TS4-O (Optimization)
  • Enhanced energy yield
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Shade and age tolerance
  • Maximized roof usage
  • Optimization capability with Predictive IV does NOT require communication!
  • Plus all the benefits of safety and monitoring


Step 3: If the design is still not satisfying system needs

Use TS4-L to maximize roof and inverter potential by extending the string length
TS4-L (Longer Strings)
  • String length increased by up to 30%
  • Fewer BOS components
  • Faster installation
  • Inverter optimization
  • Lower wire losses
  • Long strings capability does NOT require communication!
  • Plus all the benefits of optimization, safety, and monitoring


For information, visit our article on TS4 Design Notes.

Download the attached below for high resolution interactive guide.

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