Design Guidelines for North America Residential Market with Fronius

String Sizing

Minimum string length:

  • Like standard string design (with standard PV modules) - please use the Fronius Configuration Tool
  • Note: the minimum number of modules per string resulting from the Fronius Configuration Tool must be unshaded!
  • Note: if designing on different orientations, each orientation should be able to produce enough voltage on a single string for the inverter to start up

Maximum string length:

  • FE, IG Plus A: 15 Trinasmart panels (up to 260W) per string
  • All others: Use the lower of the 2:

If (max string Voc ÷ smart module Voc) and (inverter max MPP voltage ÷ smart module Vmp) are different, choose the lower of the two for your max string size.

Click here for more information on string sizing.

Uneven strings:

  • Smart Modules enable a variance in string length of up to 25% of the longer string, i.e. a string of 16 panels can be connected in parallel to a string of 16 * (1-.25) = 12 panels
  • Should strictly follow the inverter minimum and maximum MPP voltage window
  • Click here for more information

Design into shade:

  • Tigo can reduce the setback ratios by ~50%, enabling more modules on a given roof
  • Click here for more information

Communication accessories:

Cloud Connect can communicate with:

  • Up to 360 panels
  • Up to 7 Gateways
  • Click here for more information

Gateways can communicate with:

  • Up to 120 panels
  • Panels must be within 50 feet (15m) line of sight
  • Click here for more information

Fronius FE

Replaces the Cloud Connect and can communicate with up to:

  • 50 Smart Modules
  • 2 Gateways


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