TS4 Platform

The TS4 universal junction box platform enables you to choose the exact options you need for any given project or customer, from safety features to module-level diagnostics and maximized energy harvest. The TS4 universal baseplate can be matched with one of several TS4 covers containing the application electronics. Together they form a new generation of junction boxes; modular, flexible, replaceable, and upgradable, accompanied by a powerful PV 2.0 communication-centric architecture backend.

Longer Strings

The TS4-L is the complete smart module solution. It is ideal for systems requiring fully optimized performance at the module level,as well as monitoring, safety, and longer strings. Fewer BOS components allow for faster installation and reduced SKU management.

  • String length increased by up to 30%
  • Fewer BOS components
  • Faster installation
  • Inverter optimization
  • Lower wire-losses
  • Plus all the benefits of Optimization



The TS4-O bundles the Tigo smart module features into one seamless unit for enhanced energy yield and increased design flexibility. TS4-O is ideal for roofs which are challenged by shading, but do not need longer strings. In addition to safety, monitoring, and PV 2.0 synchronization, TS4-O optimizes each module when shade drops their performance. With optimized modules, more roof space can be used to maximize energy production.

  • Shade and age tolerance
  • Enhanced energy yield
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Maximized roof usage
  • Doesn't require communication
  • Plus all the benefits of Safety



For installations unencumbered by shading, the TS4-S provides the necessary safety and monitoring services to ensure your systems meet local fire regulations, while also providing you and your customers increased insight into system performance.

  • NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant
  • Module-level deactivation
  • Automatic or manual shutdown
  • Plus all the benefits of Monitoring



Predicting and conducting maintenance on solar installations is critical to ensuring that they last beyond their expected 25 year life. With a window into a system's performance through module-level monitoring, solar fleets can maximize system up-time and identify performance issues before they become serious problems. The TS4-M enables continuous system-wide monitoring for fleets to aid in customer support and ongoing operations and maintenance.

  • Reduced O&M costs
  • PV-2.0 data synchronization
  • Module bar code tracking
  • CRM integration
  • Warranty tracking
  • Fleet management



The TS4-D is the building block of the TS4 family and Tigo's smart solution. With diodes embedded in the cover of the junction box, this basic system enables OEMs to standardize on the TS4 baseplate for both conventional and smart modules.

  • Similar to a standard junction box
  • Standardization on basic TS4 base
  • Field replaceable and upgradeable
  • Heat dissipation away from the module
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