Storing and Sending Smart Module Data With Tigo Cloud Connect

Storing Data

Tigo’s Cloud Connect units are capable of storing data for a period of time that is relative to the number of Smart Modules connected to a Cloud Connect device.

Here are a few examples:

Number of Smart Modules Approximate retention time
10 75 days
25 30 days
50 15 days
100 7 days


If storage space is used up and connection to the Tigo web monitoring server has not been made, the Cloud Connect will overwrite older data in favor of recent production data.
Sending data

Connection to the monitoring servers is available by:
1. Connecting the Cloud Connect unit to LAN (local area network).
2. Connecting the Cloud Connect unit to a Wi-Fi network.
3. Connecting the Cloud Connect unit to a cellular modem via Ethernet cable

See instructions on how to setup Internet connection here.

Cloud Connect devices are programmed to connect to Tigo’s web servers every 10-20 minute (cycle). When a connection is made, the data will transfer automatically to the servers, and the Cloud Connect will verify that the transfer was done correctly. Your uploaded production data is available through the Tigo monitoring platform.
Standard data transmission stands on a maximum of 10Mb/Smart Module/month. 10 Smart Modules will have a maximum of 100Mb/Smart Module/month, etc.

Reduced data transmission rates for cellular modem exist, contact for further information. 

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