Is Cloud Connect a newer version of the MMU?

Yes, the Cloud Connect is the new and improved Management Unit.

Click here to see the installation manual.


Additional information about the Cloud Connect:


Internet Connection:

 Via WiFi:

  1. Configure using the Tigo SMART app, available in the app store for iOS, and here for Android. Network's name and password are required, WPS buttons are not supported.

  2. When Cloud Connect is mounted inside a metal enclosure WiFi connection will not work unless there's an extension antenna mounted outside the metal box.

    In case of multi Cloud Connect system, where all the Cloud Connect units are in a metal enclosure, each Cloud Connect will need an extension antenna in order to have Internet connection over WiFi.

    The extension antenna can be purchased from Tigo, P.N 006-90028-00.

  3. The output power of the WiFi complies with WLAN; IEEE 802.11b: 18 dBm; IEEE 802.11a/g/n: 15 dBm.

Via Ethernet: by connecting a cable.


Emergency Push Button (EPB, 'mushroom button'):

 - Any off shelf Normally Open (NO) button should work.

- A push button can be purchased from Tigo, P.N 983-00071-00.


USB Port:

 - For internal use only. 


Cloud Connect and MMU:

 - Are completely compatible and can be used together in the same installation if needed.

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