Commissioning a System with Tigo

The Commissioning of a Tigo system is divided into 2 stages:

  • Tigo's equipment commissioning
  • Standard commissioning process

Using the Tigo SMART Asset Management (Click here to learn more) you can replace many of the on-site field tests with remote online tests, saving time and money.


Tigo Equipment Commissioning

To commission the Tigo equipment there are 3 simple steps that need to be completed:

The Tigo SMART app should be used for the following steps.

1. Network test: Perform a network test from the Cloud Connect to make sure it is communicating with the Tigo cloud. This will ensure that module-level monitoring can be displayed on your computer or portable device.

For systems with multiple Cloud Connects installed, perform the test on each one to ensure that module level data will be reported for the entire system.

2. Gateway test: Perform a Gateway (GW) test to make sure the Cloud Connect can communicate with all of the Gateways connected to it. The Cloud Connect communicates wirelessly to the Smart Modules and/or optimizers via the Gateways connected to it.

Perform the GW test on each Cloud Connect to ensure that all gateways are present before initiating Discovery.

3. Discovery: The Discovery process is the last step of the Tigo equipment commissioning process. 

Note: The Discovery process can be initiated only after the online configuration of the system has been completed and downloaded by the Cloud Connect. Requires an Internet connection.

During Discovery, the Cloud Connect will first search for all connected Gateways and then scan for and acknowledge finding X out of Y modules. This process establishes communication from the Cloud Connect to the Smart Modules and / or optimizers, for monitoring, safety and optimization purposes. 

For systems with multiple Cloud Connects, Discovery should be initiated on a single Cloud Connect at a time. Once the Gateways are found and the module scan has begun, Discovery can be initiated on another Cloud Connect.

These 3 steps should be performed for each Cloud Connect before leaving the site. and the status can be confirmed using the Tigo SMART app.


Standard Commissioning Process

After commissioning the Tigo system you can follow the standard procedures of commissioning a site.

With Smart Modules and / or Tigo optimizers you can do each of the standard commissioning tests other than:

  • Short circuit test
  • IV curve tracing test

These tests are currently not supported by Smart Modules and / or optimizers.

However, you can utilize the SMART Asset Management to perform similar tests and in much shorter time! Click here for a case study as an example.


See the Tools and Overview article for more information.


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