What is the payback period of the Tigo Energy system?

The Tigo Energy system provides an extremely quick payback period. Smart Modules optimized by Tigo have an even quicker payback as they have fewer wiring and installation costs. The amount of additional energy a system will produce is site dependent, based on a number of variables. However, the below was created as a guideline based on 2010 pricing for retrofit optimizers.

  • Systems with increased energy harvest of 4.5% - will have a payback period of about 4 years.
  • Systems with increased energy harvest of 8.5% - typical for residential installations - have a payback period of around 2 years.
  • Systems with increased energy harvest of 15% - typical for heavily shaded systems – pay for themselves in about 1 year.

These payback periods are conservative estimates that are solely based on increased energy harvest. Most systems have an additional return on investment from reduced operations & maintenance costs, reduced need for extra safety equipment, less balance of systems costs etc. The Tigo Energy System helps reduce the total cost of ownership for a solar array and improve the ROI of going solar.

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