How Much Additional Energy Harvest Can I Expect?

According to an ideally designed, unshaded harvest test made by Photon Magazine, a system optimized by Tigo generates 3.2% more power than a non-optimized installation. You can read more in the article dedicated to this research by clicking here.

For most commercial systems, energy harvest increases by 4 -6% in in the first few months after adding the Tigo retrofit optimizers. The Tigo system corrects for module mismatch and there is mismatch in every system. Module mismatch disproportionately drags down total system energy output because weak modules drag down other units on the same string. One source of mismatch is that modules are typically binned in ±5% ranges, which defines the minimum range of mismatch. We also consistently see thermal mismatch of up to 20⁰C between hot and cold modules.  Additional examples of common sources of module mismatch include sources of shade, different module orientations, and module degradation at different rates over time. Residential systems can achieve up to a 20% increase in energy harvest.

Hundreds of customers are getting more energy from their installation by incorporating the Smart Modules or retrofit optimizers; further evidenced by a number of side-by-side tests that prove this harvest potential. Read our case studies to see for yourself by clicking here.

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