California: 10% Over PVWatts

Independently Confirmed with 2 Years of Data


Location: Emerald Hills, CA
System Size: 4.6 kW
Modules: 20 Sunpower 230
Inverter: 1 Sunpower 4000
Installer: Cobalt Power Systems, Inc.



The Challenge

Pete Samaras didn’t just want optimal energy harvest, he wanted to measure his system performance against the National Renewable Energy Laboratories’ PV Watts modeling tool.

The Solution

Cobalt Power Systems designed Pete’s system with Tigo Energy optimizers to ensure the system would produce more energy than the typical installation.
The designers at Cobalt Power were so confident in the Tigo solution’s performance benefit, they included a 10% boost over the projections from PV

The Results - $4,000 Saved

After two years of collecting data, Pete and Cobalt Power Systems confirmed the 10% increase over PV Watts was completely accurate. This translates to a savings of over $4,000 during the first 20 years of operation.*

Installer Testimony

“After I received Pete’s report we had a conversation where we both agreed that Tigo, even with very minor shading, delivered +10% over our model and PV Watts predictions over this 2 year period.”

-Ron Lykins, Cobalt Power Systems, Inc.


*Assumes an average cost per kWh of $0.24


To view a pdf version of this case study use the file below.


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