China: Smart Modules in Shanghai Dust

Shanghai Dust


Location: Shanghai, China
System Size: 36 X Upsolar Smart Modules


This project, located in downtown Shanghai, is one of the first smart module solar systems in the People’s Republic of China.

The Challenge
Many PV installations in China are facing challenges associated with air pollution. Heavy soiling leaves a heavy film of particulate matter on the surface of the PV module, blocking sun light and reducing the power performance of the PV system. These uneven build-up’s create an even greater problem when considering that the lowest performer of the group will drag the others down.


The Solution
Upsolar smart modules optimized by Tigo Energy’s module-level MPPT and monitoring technology allows installers, systems owners, and support personnel to identify system issues the minute they happen. Every Tigo optimizer is equipped with advanced sensors that can detect and control the voltage and current of each PV module. Tigo Energy’s software then automatically analyzes this data and provides real-time alerting to system owners and O&M providers. This allows for fast, effective and lower-cost management of solar assets with stable energy production.

The Results
After commissioning the system, Tigo Energy’s technology detected several modules showing low performance. Upon further investigation it was discovered that these modules had soiling issues and were producing significantly less (10% lower) than others. After clearing, the modules moved back to maximum performance.

To view a pdf version of this case study use the file below.

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